During the scorching summer of 1995, the first refreshing scoops of ice cream were sold in the brand new ‘Gelateria Da Vinci’. Both managers, Sylvia and Martin Manders, have their roots abroad. Sylvia is Austrian, and had been travelling the world until she met Martin in the Netherlands. Sylvia, who always had had a passion for ice cream, took an apprenticeship with a traditional Italian ice cream creator. When visiting Bruges, she fell in love with the city, and when she found the building in the Geldmuntstraat, she did not hesitate for a second: Gelateria Da Vinci was born.

Everything is homemade, already since the very beginning. The assortment grew steadily to the 150 flavours we have in store for you today. Classic flavours have been supplemented with a bunch of new creations. Sylvia likes to experiment with new flavours and combinations, all to give you a wider choice. There is only one criterion: she has to like the taste herself.

At the start, Sylvia could hardly speak Dutch, making it hard to give the costumers an explanation. That is why she let the people taste the ice cream; a tradition that still exists until this very day. Because the ice cream… it speaks for itself!

Our story


Making your own ice cream at home is not that obvious. That is why we advise you to start with ordinary ice cream and a good icemaker, like the ‘Il Gelataia’ from DeLonghi. You will have to be able to eat the ice on the spot or to freeze it to a maximum of -16 °C (an average deepfreeze has a lower temperature). Another possibility is to make the ice mass beforehand and to turn it into ice cream right before serving. 

Tips for tasty ice cream
  • You will have the most fun if you can work with different flavours of ice cream. You can only do that if you have got different flavours in your deepfreeze. To find the brand that suits you the best, there is no other way than to try out different brands.
  • Vanilla ice cream is a must, since you can always vary yourself by adding biscuits, chocolate and so on. Crumble it on the ice cream, which you have to let get softer.
  • Use vanilla ice cream as basis and work with fresh fruit. Freeze ripe bananas and mix them with cream: overly delicious ice cream! Serve it with chocolate sauce and pancakes. You could even do this with any type of ripe fruit to make a whole range of fruit ice cream yourself.
  • Avoid having ice crystals on the ice cream in the deepfreeze by laying plastic foil on the ice cream before closing the box.
  • Always put the ice cream in the refrigerator about half an hour before serving. This will make it softer and less cold, so that your taste buds will not be numbed, causing you to taste nothing.
  • Always use cups with thick glazing. It looks nicer, and the ice cream stays cold. Put the cups in the deepfreeze beforehand.
  • Don’t forget whipped cream! Always finish off with a fresh piece of fruit, some chocolate, nuts… Add your toppings in an odd number, this looks more lovely.
  • Vary to your own taste with quantities, flavours and combinations.
Make your own ice cream
Taste it!
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